Model Number: SHSM63W52N
Brand: Bosch
Age: 1-5 years

My Bosch dishwasher, model SHSM63W52N/11, performance developed obvious problems about 5 months ago after we noticed poor performance washing dishes. The obvious problems were that the soap pods occasionally did not dissolve, drying was poor, and if we actually put in dirty dishes, they would not be completely cleaned. Fast forward, I have replaced the control module after observing what appeared to be random performance of the heater. That did not solve the problems.
I have now made more tests and measurements and can define the problems in more detail.

(1) The heater does heat when running the CSP cycle, with temperatures reaching 136 F to 146 F on different tests. On most of the wash cycles, there is only slight heating if any. I have measured the heater resistance to be 9.3 ohms, so it is OK.
(2) I measured the NTC thermistor and high limit sensors both to be about 12K ohms at 72 F. This appeared to be the problem, so I purchased and just received a pump/heater assembly including the built in thermistor and high limit sensors. Before installing the new unit I have measured the two temperature sensors and both are reading about 11.6K ohms. I would expect the high limit switch to be closed at 72 F and the NTC thermistor to read about 55K ohms. I am hesitant to replace a part if I cannot see any clear difference in the new part and the old part. Can anyone shed any light on these resistance measurements? All the examples I have found online refer to dishwasher models where the temperature sensors are a separate unit, not integrated into the pump/heater. (3) The upper spray arm appears not to be turning, but some water is running out when I open the door quickly. The water levels are correct when running the CSP program. For normal wash cycles, I do see water running in at the right times when viewed from the left side. (4) The error code E:08 is found after running a regular wash cycle but not after running the CSP cycle.