Model Number: MDB4949SHB0
Brand: Maytag
Age: 1-5 years


My Maytag MDB4949SHB0 Dishwasher´s Heating Coil Element stopped working. I tested it for continuity with an Ohm-Meter, disconnecting the power wires, and there is good continuity so the element seems to be good.

I connected the Element power wires to a Volt-Meter and ran a cycle, and I noticed that no power is being provided through these wires. I looked for a fuse but there does not seem to be one. The power wires just go into the front panel control board. All the the motors and pumps run fine, so it is not a general power issue.

Any idea why the power to the Heating Element might stopped working?
Anything I can try to troubleshoot?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions provided.