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Thread: Freezer/Fridge Too Warm

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    Freezer/Fridge Too Warm

    Model Number: ET1CHMXKB09
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: More than 10 years

    • Every now and then I've noticed my fridge doesn't quite get down to proper temps. I can't say it never gets down to proper temp bc I just don't monitor it often enough. The fridge and freezer do get cold.
    • I see puddles of water on my top shelf of the fridge. It is a top freezer model. I can see water dripping from the freezer vent holes into the fridge.
    • The other day the fridge and freezer were waaay to warm and the back of the freezer panel was hot to the touch.

    Based on the above symptoms I started thinking there's an issue with the defrost system. The only real thing I am able to check is the defrost thermostat, which I don't believe is bad. To me it would almost seem like the fridge is staying in defrost mode too long? Any help on things I should check would be appreciated. I'd rather not guess at what the issue is.
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