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Thread: Whirlpool Cabrio MVWC400XW making horrible high pitched grinding noise during spin

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    Whirlpool Cabrio MVWC400XW making horrible high pitched grinding noise during spin

    Model Number: MVWC400XW
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: 6-10 years

    So this washer seems to have had several issues and the noise during spin has been intermittent the entire time. I believe it might only do it on the high-speed spin. I was having several different issues, wash stopping at different points in the cycle and lid lock flashing. Capacitor-type humming and the spin cycle grinding or whine. The spin cycle seemed like it wasn't as high of an rpm as usual. It eventually evolved into only flashing lid lock and doing nothing else. I pulled the mainboard and found a bad capacitor and replaced that. I could then run a cycle but it would stop somewhere between wash and spin and flash lid lock. If it stopped at spin the clothes would still be soapy like it hadn't gone through a proper rinse cycle. I was still getting intermittent humming and the spin noise. I could then unplug it and run it on a low-speed spin to get the water out of the clothes but a high-speed spin cycle would usually result in horrible noise. I replaced the motor capacitor because when I pulled it, it didn't have any charge to release and I have attempted one cycle with the new capacitor and have not had the humming sound coming from the bottom of the washer. When it got to the spin cycle though it started making the high whine/grind noise. The clothes inside seemed like they had gone through a good rinse cycle this time though. The whine/grind did not start on the first spin, I believe it was the second spin. Also whenever I unplug the washer the noise immediately stops even though the basket is still spinning.

    The error codes I was getting before the first two repairs were -

    shifter fault

    motor control fault

    basket speed sensor fault

    lid switch fault

    After replacing the motor capacitor I got motor control fault on the one cycle that I pulled the plug on. Hoping something in here is a dead giveaway for someone with more experience.

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    I have now run a few more cycles and it generally stops at spin and flashes lid lock until I unplug it. At that point, I can usually run a low spin cycle and get it to complete. It seems like I only get the grinding noise if it doesn't halt on an error in the cycle. It seems like it stops before the spin cycle because it's trying to spin the basket but can't. Also if it does make it to the spin cycle that grinding noise doesn't start until it's been spinning for a bit and I believe I heard some sort of loud click immediately before the noise started when it was at full speed.

    I'm now getting just the shifter fault and motor control fault error codes. In manual test mode, all the washer functions work.

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