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Thread: Washer Plate spinning and wobbling

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    Washer Plate spinning and wobbling

    Model Number: WTW7000DW0
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: 1-5 years

    My Washerplate/agitator is loose, spinning by itself without the basket and is wobbling. I found the part for the washerplate but I anticipate there being an issue underneath it. I watched a bunch of video on these type repairs and have seen a hub underneath the washerplate which tends to also wear down and in need of replacement. I can not find a hub type part for this model washer. Is there another part underneath the washerplate that I should order as well?

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    Move your clothes around in the middle of a spin cycle. If your washer starts shaking during the spin cycle, pause the washing machine. Open the door to inspect the arrangement of your clothes. If there is an uneven pile, your drum may have simply bundled your clothes into an uneven ball. Spread your clothes out and resume your spin cycle.

    Washing machines often shake because the mass of clothes is distributed unevenly inside of them. Always make sure to spread out the clothes throughout your washer as you load it.

    If your washer continues to shake, remove some of your clothes. You may have simply overloaded it.

    If your washer consistently causes your clothes to bundle together into an uneven ball, the drum is probably absorbing weight unevenly because it isn’t level.

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