Model Number: ZDWR240 or ZDWI240
Brand: GE
Age: More than 10 years

I have an older (probably 2004) under-counter wine cooler that has always served us well. Lately it makes a arcing noise when you open the door, and the interior light flickers in tune with this arc. If I turn the light on manually, door closed, it makes this scenario happens constantly. Itís cooling just fine.

Iíve changed the bulb, no change.

Iíve pulled the bulb, no change.

Not a moisture issue.

Opened the back and tracked the arcing noise to a circuit box of sorts with various resistors and such. Itís probably to old to get parts for and probably cost prohibitive to do so.

What Iíd like to do is disable the light but cannot figure out how the door activates the power to the light. No door pins, is it magnetic?

Hoping you can help. Thank you.