Model Number: WFW9450wr00
Brand: Whirlpool
Age: More than 10 years

I have a whirlpool wfw9450wr00 it’s old and has been kicking a F21 at me steady replaced the pump still getting F21. Always at final spin with 10 or so minutes on the display it beeps twice and F21 I replaced the pump through parts Direct I think it was last summer never stopped F21ing. small loads like 3 T shirts and a few pairs of underwear would go through but still have to be drain n spun twice I have replaced the door hinge as it was broken, latch and lock are good and yes the bottom of the machine is on recently I had to do electrical work on the outlet which gets a steady 109 to 118 volts it’s not low voltage, the rear drain hose was replaced did not help the inner drain hose was cleaned out but not replaced did not help the drain is 76 inches off the floor and the washer itself sits on the cement below a duet match dryer no pedestal. After I replaced the Outlet with a GFI (per code in the US ) now the thing trips the gfi sometimes right at startup sometimes at fill but will run too drain and spin on a non GFI outlet just always needs to be drain and spin twice no matter the size of load. In diagnostic runs perfect with no problems leaves the barrel empty of water after it cycles but with even a t-shirt can’t seem to get all the water out and needs to be spun twice could it just be a bad pump I bought or am I missing something thanks for any help in advance lastly the unit seems to drain fine except one thing I noticed when it’s draining you hear the pump working I can lift the drain hose out of the pvc and the drain hose is heavy with water but none is coming out if I pause the unit at this time you hear the water dump either way back into the tub or down the pipe like holding your finger over the hole in a straw and lifting it out of a drink I checked the pressure switch hose and got water bubbling sound when I blew in it and the unit never over fills I don’t think I have ever seen water half way up the door I must be missing a vent or something but can’t find anything about it online again thanks for any help Trath