Model Number: WF45N5300AF
Brand: Samsung
Age: 1-5 years

I hope someone can help. washer runs full cycle about 25% of the time. Sometimes I get error code 3C. On ALL cycles it will start wash, but at some point during spin or rinse it will just pause and not start again. Literally hours later I will check it and it is still paused at say 19 minutes of the full 25 it started at. I open door close door, hit the start and it will start, 5 minutes later it is still pause, door lock is not red. I can try 5 times same thing, then sometimes it will give me the code 34C. Seems to be getting worse on the pausing.

Does this sound like it is the door look circutry that I can replace and hopefully repair. I am about ready to throw this "smart" crap out the door.

Thank you.