Model Number:
Brand: Brand
Age: Less than 1 year

Model Number: ED2KHAXVS02
Brand: Whirlpool
Age: 6-10 years

Our side by side makes ice and dispenses water but will not move ice from the in door bin (in either the cubed or crushed ice settings). It seems to be the newer style door flap design.

I have replaced the motor and it doesn't seem to be getting any thing from it. No noise, movement, or smoke (thankfully). The optic board seems to be operational as is the door closed switch.

I have found a schematic, but it isn't clear to me which wires are associated with crushed or cubed. I assume that the auger changes direction if the switch is positioned one way or the other. It looks like the blue wire on the motor controls the motion and the other wires give crushed or cubed selection. These are rd/wh br/wh and or/bu and pk/bk. The schematic doesn't show the poles of the switch clearly.

I would like to test the motor I pulled to see which wire does what but I am not eager to smoke it.

Any help is appreciated.

Whirlpool ice maker.pdf