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Thread: Kitchenaid doesn't fully drain

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    Kitchenaid doesn't fully drain

    Model Number: KDTM354DSS4
    Brand: KitchenAid
    Age: 1-5 years

    Hi, I'm a relatively technical user and am capable of following technical directions and replacing parts.

    I have a Kitchenaid KDTM354DSS4 that doesn't fully drain. After the cycle ended, there was still water inside of the dishwasher that hadn't fully drained.

    I manually drained all the water out of the bottom of the dishwasher, then disconnected the hoses from the drain and the drain pump, and was able to blow air through - the hose is not blocked. There was quite a bit of soap build-up, but nothing I saw that was especially obstructive that I believe would have prevented the dishwasher from draining properly.

    I then started a "cancel drain" cycle, where I can see the impeller spinning inside of the drain motor. It sounds normally once it starts spinning.

    Is there always a quart or so of water in the bottom of the dishwasher, or should it be completely dry at the end of a cycle?

    Is it possible the drain motor works, but is not sufficient to completely drain the dishwasher?

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    Just for completeness, this turned out to be a plugged drain hose. It was filled with undissolved detergent. I used a small brush taped to the end of an aluminum rod to brush out what I could, then took the hose to the back yard and used the garden hose with a spray attachment to blast out the gunk.

    Got really lucky.

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    As you said, it's hard to find the drainage block over the sink. In my opinion, just try using a drain snake. It is one of the commonly used tools to unclog the drain. Also, check with the vacuum pressure inside the pipe, sometimes this might be the reason to raise the water level inside the dishwasher

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