Model Number: 110.87980100
Brand: Sears Kenmore
Age: More than 10 years

I am reaching out because my Kenmore gas dryer is not heating. I actually had an issue where I had to replace the motor because it would no longer start. The motor now works great, but the dryer stopped heating. Before that, I do know for sure that it was heating.

I've checked everything that I can find online and in YouTube videos, including checking for continuity of the timer, both thermostats, thermal fuse, coils, flame sensor, and ignitor. Everything checked out there. I did do a voltage test on the red and blue wires that feed into the gas assembly, and the voltage was very low, nowhere near enough to power anything.

I'm far from an expert and have only checked what YouTube videos have suggested so any help is appreciated! I would love to keep this dryer going and not create more waste.