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Thread: Samsung Dryer: No Heat, no codes, can't find the problem

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    Samsung Dryer: No Heat, no codes, can't find the problem

    Model Number: DV431
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years

    I have a 9 year old Samsung DV431 that has been problem-free up until a week ago when it failed to heat. I hopped onto Youtube and bought a $30 parts kit to replace the heating element, thermal fuse (at the blower), thermistor, and high-temp cutoff. As I replaced each part, I tested the original and verified continuity and proper resistance. Still, I decided to replace the parts with the new ones and confirmed identical continuity and resistance with the new parts. Unfortunately, there's still no heat and by checking my electrical panel it confirms that less than 500W is being used during the dryer cycle (to turn the motor and blower).

    I checked the NEMA 10-30R outlet to confirm voltage, checked the junction box at the dryer to confirm 240V, and checked the power relay (blue and black wire) at the control box. I got 120V on one and 0V on the other when the dryer was off, then got 120V from both when the dryer was on. I'm running out of ideas here and am thinking it's either the PCB or some faulty wiring. Before I buy more parts, I thought I should consult those with more knowledge than myself. I'm rather new to DIY and was surprised I got as far as I did without breaking anything.

    Thanks in advance

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    12/4/21 Update:

    After speaking with Samsung customer service and various internet parts distributor, the DC92-00322M main control board is discontinued as is its compatible counterpart. I decided to send the control board in for repairs to an outfit in Georgia who after receiving my board told me they could not fix the board since it was covered in epoxy. They refunded me the money and sent my board back to me. Upon receipt, the board had a sticker on the epoxy that said "internal circuit failure." I found another outfit that charges twice as much as the first, but assured me they could fix the board. So now it appears my issue was in fact the main control board and I'm waiting to receive my fixed board from the second outfit.

    Given this trouble of parts being discontinued with no support from the manufacturer, I'm inclined to adopt the idea that this may be the very last Samsung product I ever purchase again. The idea of junking a whole dryer because of a single inexpensive part that is no longer made available seems incredibly wasteful to me.

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    2/4/22 UPDATE:

    Problem solved. It was the PCB.

    I ended up pay $185 for a circuit board remanufacture/replacment through CoreCentric/PartSimple out of Carol Stream, IL. Unfortunately, the first attempt got me my original PCB board back, but the dryer still did not heat. I ended up have an authorized Samsung local technician come out and diagnose the dryer for $150. He ruled out all the components I replaced and replaced the motor with a brand new one he had in the van. After confirming that the sensor within the motor was no the issue, he removed it and did not charge me for parts that I didn't need. He held his ear close to the PCB and noticed that it did not make a physical clicking sound a few seconds after the cycle starts. His theory was that the PCB was supplying power to the dryer, but the relay switch was not switching on to provide power to the heater element. He then said it's either the PCB relay switch or the wiring harness...but he was 90% certain it was the PCB. Unfortunately the part is discontinued and no compatible part is available. He recommended I find an electrician who can replace the relay switch. I chatted with PartSimple/CoreCentric and they proposed to fix the PCB under warranty. 2 weeks later, I get a replaced PCB (not the original one I sent them) and voila, IT WORKS!!

    I spent $330 on repairs and diagnosis, but I did not have to buy a new dryer and I kept another dryer out of the junkyard. I still vow to never buy another Samsung product since their lack of support is extremely off-putting for me. 5 months later, I have a dryer that dries and I no longer have to haul my wet laundry to my mom's house to use her dryer. Everyone wins

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