Model Number: RF28K9380SR
Brand: Samsung
Age: Less than 1 year

I have this posted on another forum, so my apologies if you've seen it elsewhere....

Hello! Newbie to the forum AND newbie to appliances in general. We are reseller and took on a load of Scratch and Dent major appliances from a big box retailer. Most is as promised... dented but working. I'm handy, but no expert. I fix what I can myself and call in the experts when it's beyond me. I'm hoping to learn as I go here and hopefully become better and better at working on these things myself... on to the issue.

This is the 4 door refrigerator with the Flex Zone in the bottom right and the freezer bottom left. Problem is, the display for the freezer continues to show whatever temp it displays when I plug in the fridge, even tho the unit functions correctly and both freezer and fridge sections cool to the correct Set Temp.

As I type this.... after running 24 hours, the cheapo thermometers I put in the unit read 35 Fridge, -1 Freezer and Flex Zone, with the Zone set to Freeze. All the while, the Display says 36 for the Fridge and 62 for the freezer. It's not reading ambient temp in the room, as it's 70 in here right now. Set temps are 0 and 36.
As a side note, when I first plugged it in, the lights in the freezer came on and I just noticed now that they are not coming on with the door.

Any thoughts on how to tackle this? I saw plenty of the opposite issue... warm freezer with display showing cold... but not this. Any help or direction appreciated... but remember to be patient with me! Newbie and all......