Model Number: LMXS28626S
Brand: LG
Age: Less than 1 year

So this new LG French Door, model LMXS28626S is part of a scratch and dent truckload we purchased. I'm testing it in the showroom, no water hooked up. It comes on, gets cold, freezer and refrig temps look good. Then some hours later (overnight when I'm not at the shop) the error code appears. E IS .... I've downloaded the service manual from ManualLib ... And I can find the main board in the back... and then the CON5 ...

So... I tried checking the resistance there, but my multimeter is old and my probes are really big and hard to hit the pins.... and my eyes are not so great any more....

So, I thought... I'll just pop out the "icing sensor" it's mentioning and check the resistance at the source. Only trouble is when I leave the world of the Service Manual, I can't find any instructions / info about what the icing sensor is.

I did see where if the resistance is 'open' then the instructions say 'replace the refrigerator' which seems ludicrous. I see the resistance I'm supposed to check is used to determine the temperature... So I'm guessing it's the temp sensor that tells the ice maker that it's good to go and dump the ice... ? If that's the case.... is it integrated into the ice maker assembly? It think I saw that was the case in some units..... BUT... the service manual says if the resistance is inaccurate, replace the sensor. Seriously confused now.... thoughts?