Model Number: LDT7808SS
Brand: LG
Age: 1-5 years

Hi All - new to the forum and know nothing about appliance repair, but I have an approximately 15 month old LG dishwasher and the control panel seems to just be fried - beeps wildly and randomly for no reason, flashes crazy, and at this point I often have to unplug and re-plug in the dishwasher just to be able to get it to run. I'm not happy at all, needless to say. I'm probably looking at about $300+ to have it replaced and LG isn't being helpful at all bc it's out of warranty by 3 months (never mind that the issue started after about the first 6 months of ownership).

Anyway, I'm considering just ordering the board myself and trying to replace it. I found a video from PartsDr for a different LG model that looked really easy []. The control panel was on the front, however and mine is on top of the door. Anyone have any idea where I could find some simple instructions for replacing mine? Or can I expect it to be just as simple?

Thanks in advance from a total novice.....