Model Number: RF28HMEDBSR/AA-11
Brand: Samsung
Age: 1-5 years

We have a Samsung fridge that we inherited in our house. It had the dreaded issue with the ice maker freezing over. I ordered the service kit and a new ice bucket (previous one had broken in a few key spots) and did the full replace (system board, etc.).

After the update, it wouldn't drop the ice after freezing, so I reset the ice maker. The ice maker cycled, the ice dropped and the tray re-filled. I did the test on the panel and it shows ice bucket full. So, since the ice bucket isn't full, obviously it's the sensor.

My the sensor part of the ice maker assembly? The only thing not replaced is the auger motor assembly. Since the ice maker does cycle and produce ice and can knock it out when it's reset, that appears to be working. I'm just trying to ascertain if the service kit is defective and needs to be replaced.

I've toyed with just resetting every few hours, as that produces ice. But if the part is defective, I figure I need to replace it. Thanks in advance for any insight!