Model Number: Model DEGX1
Brand: Other
Age: More than 10 years

Our dryer is Fisher & Paykel, Model DEGX1, Product 96010-A, Serial EEN3007843. With that said our dryer got to the point it wasn’t warming consistently. So I took the front and back panels off and did a thorough cleaning removing any lint and dirt. I then removed the heating module from the dryer so I could perform a continuity test on all 3 thermostats. All 3 had continuity and appear to be okay. I then performed an ohm test on each of the heating element. Both of the elements tested correct. I put everything back together and the dryer will dry sometimes but other times there is no heat. If we unplug the main power plug from the wall and then plug it back in the dryer starts heating again. The heating will work fine for a while and then it stops heating again. What do you think is the root cause of the problem?