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Thread: Turbidity Sensor not Snugly Seating

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    Turbidity Sensor not Snugly Seating

    Model Number: KUDE70FVSS3
    Brand: Brand
    Age: More than 10 years

    I recently purchased and received a new pump and assembly unit (W10056309) for my KitchenAid KUDE70FVSS3 Dishwasher. I used the turbidity sensor from my old unit and it does not fit nearly as snug as it does in the old unit and it's badly leaking. I put it back in the old unit and I have no problems with it leaking. it seems to lock into the old sump unit considerably tighter than it does the new one.

    I also noticed the housing knockout plug from my old unit was very snug; however, it would not stay in the new housing unit without wrapping it in a layer of electrical tape.

    I would hate to purchase a new turbidity only to find the same issue. Has anyone encountered this problem or have any suggestions?

    Regards, Bob

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    For any of you experiencing this issue, the new turbidity sensor sealed. It locks in much tighter. It seems the locking hub prongs, in the sump tub, has become thinner in newer OEM replacement units over the years so my old sensor would not draw tight. I can’t say for certain, but the O-ring in the old sensor appeared to be perfectly fine if you’re thinking that may have been the issue.

    So, I guess my conclusion would be: If you’re going to buy a new sump tub for this unit, buy a new turbidity sensor as well… It’s probably close to failure at this point anyway.

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