Model Number: JES8850BAS
Brand: Jenn-Air
Age: More than 10 years

Our JennAir electric range left front burner has gone out.

I started with what appeared to be the most common fix (reading various comments / forums) for this problem - replacing the switch. I ordered the switch and it was an easy to replace.

Unfortunately, that didn't fix the problem.

So I moved on to the Dr. Parts page to look at a replacement element. On that page, I saw the video that describes how to test the element with the multimeter. The OHM test reflected a value of ~34 for both connections to the element, and as I understood from the video, the reading is within range of what would be considered a "working" element.

If the switch is new, and the element does not test as being "bad", what / where would be the next place to test in order to pinpoint what is actually causing the problem?

Thank you for any guidance you might be able to provide.