Model Number: LGHS2644KM1
Brand: Frigidaire
Age: More than 10 years

So my Frigidaire LGHS2644KM1 side-by-side the evaporator kept freezing over and very lazily I just kept thawing it out with the thought "I'll test things eventually and fit it."

Last night did the hairdryer routine and turned the fridge back on. Normally the freezer gets to 15-20 degrees, then starts to cool back down (and the fridge might go up a degree or two). However this time the temperature on both sides has gone up (now 55+ on both sides).

The evaporator fan isn't running and it isn't receiving any voltage so based on what I'm reading it sounds like a defrost thermostat issue (as power to the fan runs though it ... I think?). Replacing the thermostat sounds straightforward but is there anything I can do to get it to run in the meantime (as the wife does not appreciate everything in coolers).

And of course if it sounds like something other than the defrost thermostat I welcome any feedback!