Model Number: WDT970SAHW0
Brand: Whirlpool
Age: 1-5 years

Last night I replaced the circulation pump on my Whirlpool WDT970SAHW0. I screwed up and forgot to vacuum the water out of the basin before flipping it over. After replacing the circulation pump and reinstalling, plugging in power, and turning water back on it wouldn't work. Right when I plug it in the sensor light, and both heated dry lights turn on, and a line goes in circles around the display 3.5 times and it makes a subtle click and turns off. The keys on the keypad are completely unresponsive. At one point while trying to trouble shoot it I left it plugged in for some minutes and the pump turned on and ran for the standard 2 minutes.

I have tried removing power for a few minutes, then plugging in with the door open, waiting 10 seconds and closing the door to see if the pump will run, and the pump will not. So I'm guessing I shorted out the main control board. I have done a continuity test to ensure I am getting power to the board and I am. Inside the display on the keypad I notice there may be some water that got in there. I do not know if it looked like that beforehand or not though. I know that when I took the door apart to check on everything that I couldn't feel any moisture inside the door up by the keypad or the control board. So I find it hard to believe that if any water made it up there that it was enough to short either because everything was dry to the touch. At the very bottom of the door the insulation was wet though.

I don't know exactly how to tell if the control panel is bad or the keypad, or both. Any tips out there?

Given that all of that stuff worked before I replaced the circulation pump I can only assume my mistake of flipping it with water inside caused one or both to short out.