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Thread: Bosch Dishwasher- trouble diagnosing

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    Question Bosch Dishwasher- trouble diagnosing

    Model Number: shx46a05uc/26
    Brand: Bosch
    Age: 6-10 years


    I need some help understanding what's wrong with my dishwasher. I bought it as is, I've never seen it run correctly. I am unsure of its age.

    What I'm seeing:

    When I select a cycle, I can hear something running. Hot water will fill the basin, but the wash arms don't seem to spin or even get water to them- seems like the machine is getting stuck at some point taking water in?
    Oddly, I am able to start a cycle, then open the door, and I can see that the water in the basin is swirling. It seems like some pump fan, whether intake or drain, continues to run, causing a whirlpool at the bottom.

    So, kinda seems like it will neither start/execute a cycle properly, nor drain, but for all I know one of those failures might be causing the other?

    I have tried to have it Cancel the cycle and drain by holding down 2 buttons simultaneously as a the manual indicates, but I get no feedback/beeps or anything letting me know that its even receiving that message so to speak.

    Common issues I think I've ruled out:

    Door latch assembly - the DW seems to recognize when its closed, as it takes water in when a cycle is selected/door is shut.
    the dishwasher will take hot water in when a cycle is selected and the door is closed, so the intake seems to be ok/not clogged
    the drain pipe does not appear to be clogged, Ive disconnected it at the disposal and no blockage, also was able to freely drain the hose with the base of the DW elevated- when first disconnected this hose from the disposal, it had water in it.
    the backflow valve seems to be ok on the drain pipe, as If I take the filters out, I can stick my pinky thru the drain and feel the valve give way and come back when I remove.
    There is a small blue pump fan under a cover, held in place by a hex screw. I uncovered that and verified that it spins/isnt blocked.

    Any help is hugely appreciated thank you

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    Does it drain the water on its own?

    If you don't think it is filling with enough water, you can open the door and manually add some water.

    To me, it sounds like possibly a bad circulation pump? Read the repair story in the link below from Richard from CA.

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