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Thread: At a Loss: Samsung Dryer heats for 10 seconds then shuts flame off

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    At a Loss: Samsung Dryer heats for 10 seconds then shuts flame off

    Model Number: DV328AGW
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years

    I was having issues with clothes not getting dry and completely cleaned the ducts which seemed to help, but not fully resolve the problem. The dyer is a Samsung DV328AGW with propane heat. I cut a viewing hole in the front and sealed it with a clear window to observe the flame and found that the heat was only running for about 10 seconds. I've replaced the following to try and diag:
    - Thermistor (OE Samsung part)
    - Flame-out sensor (2X Amazon parts)
    - Coils (Amazon part)
    - High temp sensor (on heating barrel, Amazon part)
    - Ignitor (Amazon part, seems to be working fine)

    After swapping out all of these I'm still getting the same result so I'm now at a loss on what it could be. I guess it's possible that a new replacement could be bad, but so far swapping all of these sensors has changed absolutely nothing. It's my understanding that the flame is supposed to run for 1-2 minutes before shutting off, is that correct? The clothes are drying better due to cleaning the duct but a load of towels for example still takes 2 cycles so it seems that something is still off.

    Here's a video of the flame:

    Any insights are much appreciated

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    So after the flame goes out, how long does it take to come back on?

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    I wouldn't trust any of those parts from Amazon, they are really low quality. In your video, the flame doesn't seem to be pulled in very much which is usually an air flow problem. Try temporarily running the dryer with the exhaust vent removed to see how the flame acts. Also, if the dryer is run with nothing in the drum, the flame won't stay on for very long.
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