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Thread: Kenmore Dryer Blower wheel won't come off motor

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    Kenmore Dryer Blower wheel won't come off motor

    Model Number: 106.86294740
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: 6-10 years

    I am replacing the motor on my Kenmore dryer. (Part # is 279827). I instantly ran into a problem. I can't get the blower wheel off from the motor. I locked the blower with a large wrench & turned clockwise (like the tag on the motor says). Now I have stripped the blower wheel (where I had the wrench on). What is the solution here?!?

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    The best solution to your problem is a SawZall (reciprocating saw) with a metal cutting blade. You will be cutting thru the motor shaft next to the blower wheel. (With a new blade, this should take less than a minute.)
    You will need a new blower wheel.

    This is the blower wheel for your dryer:

    Blower Wheel - 694089

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